Summertime in Copenhagen

Canalside living, street food and jazzy days

With its leafy parklands and canalside living, Copenhagen is a green and liveable city to visit. Summer jazz and street food markets fill the city during summer months, and there is never far to a sandy beach or harbour bar.

Green and bikeable

Copenhagen is one of the world’s most bike-friendly cities. So when in town, do as the locals and discover a liveable city by the sea. Neighbourhood street food festivals and music events are easily reached by bike. Pedal power can also help you discover the city’s rapidly transforming designer docklands along the 13km Harbour Circle Route. During the city’s harbour festival (25-27 August 2017) there are activities at portside locations along the route. Check out our list of the city’ hangouts for harbourside pit-stops on the way. Copenhagen also has one of the world’s largest urban nature reserves, Naturpark Amager, where you can forage for wild fruit and spend a day among wildlife along the miles of dedicated cycle routes. Or you can ride from park to park in the city and stroll through flower gardens and along wooded lakes.

Summer dip

A city by the sea, Copenhagen also has a wide variety of waterside activities. There are open-air baths where you can dip into the clean waters of the harbour. You can also reach the city’s 5km sandy beach in just 7 minutes by metro. Here there are water sports and one of Europe’s largest aquariums, the Blue Planet. Or why not visit the sandy beaches north of Copenhagen, such as by Klampenborg Station, 15 min by metropolitan train (linie C) from the city centre. Combine this seaside experience with a bike ride through the oak woodlands of the deer park, Dyrehaven, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Just 45 min by regional train north of the city, Elsinore (Helsingør) also has fine beaches, stretching from Kronborg Castle along the northern shores. So, bring your beach towel if you are visiting Hamlet’s famous home. And south of the city, a 20km sandy beach beckons, which can easily be combined with a visit to the beachfront ARKEN Museum of Modern Art.

Neighbourhood markets

With the famous Tivoli Gardens and historic canals, such as Nyhavn Canal, downtown Copenhagen offers plenty of places for visitors to relax and enjoy their stay. But like any city, the major sights can get a little crowded on a sunny day, so why not head into the city’s liveable neighbourhoods by bike and discover street food markets, maker markets and the many hidden secrets the city has to offer? A great time to visit the districts of Vesterbro, Nørrebro and Østerbro are during the city’s major festivals, such as the jazz festival (7-16 July 2017) and Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival (18-27 August 2017). Check out our online event lists to discover everything that makes Copenhagen so summer cool.
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